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Customizable All-Over Print Duffle Bag

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One Size
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Welcome to customize any t-shirt, hoodie, bag or poster to!


This All-Over Print Duffle Bag is the perfect companion for every occasion—take it with you when traveling or running daily errands. It’s great for packing exercise gear when heading to the gym, or throwing in necessities and going on an adventure. The bag is spacious and will keep all your stuff neat and organized with its multiple pockets, including one with a zipper for your most valuable possessions. The bag’s shoulder strap is adjustable or removable, while the dual padded handles with velcro fastening ensure easy carrying. These padded shoulder straps are adjustable when the bag’s helping you carry heavier things, and continue your daily run without a worry!  This bag may have it all, but it needs your awesome designs to become a hit in your store . . . happy designing!

• 100% polyester with black interlining
• Fabric weight: 336 g/m² (9.91 oz/yd²)
• One size: 56 cm × 28 cm × 28 cm (22″ × 11.5″ × 11.5″ )
• Capacity: 50 liters (13.2 gallons)
• Max weight: 30 kg (66 lbs)
• T-piping for stability
• Customizable inside label
• Polyethylene bottom support for stability
• Printed, cut, and hand-sewn by our expert in-house team
• Adjustable and removable padded shoulder strap
• Dual padded handles with hoop&loop fasteners for easy carrying
• Mesh side pocket
• Multiple inside pockets

Additional information




One Size

Front, back, sides, top, bottom, inside pocket

  • 27″ × 18″
    Usually, we use an 8100 × 5400 px file size for our designs (300 dpi).
  • Inside label
    2,5″ × 1″
    Usually, we use a 650 × 300 px file size for our designs (300 dpi).

Must-follow guidelines

  1. Submit files in PNG or JPEG format with at least 150 DPI
    We recommend using PNG for designs with a transparent background. For other designs, we advise preparing files in JPEG instead.
  2. Create files in sRGB color profile
    To ensure your design looks the same when printed as it does on screen, make sure you create your print file in sRGB color profile.
  3. Remove print file template guidelines
    If you use our downloadable templates, delete the guide layers before saving your files. If you don't delete them, they'll show up on the print.
  4. Use full-bleed images
    To ensure maximum coverage, use full-bleed images with graphics that span across the entire dimension of the document. However, if your design covers only a part of the print area, make sure it has a transparent background and submit the image in PNG format.
  5. Adhere to the safe print area
    All-over product files are scalable, so keep all important graphics or text within the safe print area to avoid missing design elements on the finished product.

Tips for best results

  • Avoid semi-transparent designs
    Semi-transparent graphics (or elements with lowered opacity) don't translate well in DTG printing. We advise using solid colors or simulating semi-transparency by halftoning.
  • Create designs with the necessary DPI
    Simply typing in a new resolution value into the file won't result in a higher resolution print. If your graphic's resolution is too low, the best solution is to recreate it.
  • Use transparency to your advantage
    Black ink will appear gray on black garments because of the white underbase used during printing. Leave these areas fully transparent when designing for black garments.
  • Favor patterns and full-bleed images
    Any space that isn't covered by your design will show the bare fabric, that’s why patterns and full-bleed images usually turn out the best.
  • Don’t use adjacent colors
    Since designs tend to look darker when printed, colors that are too close in value to each other can end up blending together. Keep in mind that the mockup image might not accurately reflect the print outcome of adjacent colors. We recommend increasing the contrast for better exposure and avoiding colors that are too close in value.

Cut & Sew disclaimers

  • We can't guarantee exact placement.
  • It's not possible to perfectly align patterns or images from front to back.
  • Elements outside the safe print area are not guaranteed to appear fully on the finished product.
  • In case of low fabric stock, we might use comparable fabric to fulfill the order. The substitute will be as close to the original as possible.
  • When using white graphics on cut & sew products without covering the whole print area, grey outlines can appear around your designs. We suggest using design files with a transparent background or covering the whole print area with a white background.
  • Exact placement is not possible. Making a seamless image that goes from front to back is not possible. We cannot guarantee exact graphic and text placement nor alignment on seams.

Please download and read the print file guideline in PDF here.
Please download archive ZIP file and use the templates in PSD here.


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